This blog is focused on people who are passionate about self-development and who are interested in the concepts of career, productivity and learning.

Probably if you are reading this post, you are one of us.

  • One of those who understand that we live in a highly competitive world, where it is never enough to be just ‘good’ to stand out
  • One of those for whom 24 hours per day is never enough to accomplish everything that you want
  • One of those who think  in a ‘hyperbolic’ way: the more you do (study/travel/read/meet new people), the more you realize how little things you have done until now and how more you still have to do. One of those, for whom  it is just never enough



I am truly excited about mastering my career – productivity – learning related skills and I have decided that a good way currently to proceed is to start my own online platform – Resultize that will:

  • provide a structured, easy-to-access way to keep all the relevant knowledge
  • enable an ongoing update of the portal based on the new information received
  • be open to everybody who might be interested in the same topics or might gain from practicalities and lessons I have learned based on my personal experience
  • encourage best practice exchange and knowledge sharing


Following the links below you can find more information about:

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  1. I am Federick. I am congratulating you on your new creativity. Waiting to see the notifications………… thank you very much for inviting me……………… all the best……………..


  2. Interesting… will follow… I came to know of it through Federick. Best wishes and congratulations.. can you create a discussion board also…………… just a suggestion. thx.


  3. Good luck with your new site. Look forward to your blog posts.


  4. This mission totally speaks to me! I second the idea for a discussion board and a way to connect to people who think similarly! I’m continuing to check out your website and signing up for blog posts now. Thanks for your willingness to share your ideas!


    • Hi Jen,

      Thank you for nice words. It really motivates to go further🙂 Indeed, the proper discussion board would be really nice and I plan to launch it next months. Hope you will enjoy other posts as well and feel free to share your thoughts and feedback!


  5. Kristina – If it is not too personal, I would be interested in what you mean when you say “you can have it all.” As a businessman, I sometimes think about what constitutes success, and find that exploring the future and quality of life seem most important. Good to hear from you. Regards, Rick


    • Hi, Rick! I hope you are doing great and thank you for visiting my blog.

      As for the quote “ÿou can have it all”, there are two main points behind the idea.

      At first, as I described in the “Ambition” section, I am very interested in the concept of resolutions and objectives – why do people find it so hard to follow their resolutions and to achieve their goals. I do think that we can really be in charge of our own achievements and “we can have it all” providing that we put enough effort and work hard.

      Secondly, this phrase also demonstrates my attitude to another crucial discussion that I am following – female leadership. Can women have it all? This is the question that starts debates discussing if women can be successful both personally (family) and professionally (work). If you google this question, you will see plenty of articles by businesswomen, political leaders, actors, scientists sharing their views. The discussion started with a very passionate article by ex-director of policy planning for the U.S. State Department – Anne-Marie Slaughter – “Why women still cant have it all” (http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2012/07/why-women-still-cant-have-it-all/309020/) that she wrote after leaving this high position to teach back in Princeton. She developed her ideas later in the book “Unfinished Business: Women Men Work Family”.
      Using the phrase “ÿou can have it all” is a way to show my own position regarding this discussion.

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  6. Yes, there is always more to see, more to do, and more to know. Hunger begets hunger, which is a beautiful thing when it comes to self development.


  7. Thanks for following my blog, was the perfect opportunity to find yours. I always enjoy finding like-minded people like yourself.


  8. Interesting initiatives. There is always room for improvement ☺


  9. Pleased to meet you, but I’m retired and Lovin’ it!!


  10. I liked your “about me ” page. But the content page is not as great.

    Good theme and fonts. Have fun


  11. Thank you for following Storyteller. — Ray


  12. Thanks for the follow🙂


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