This blog is focused on people who are passionate about self-development and who are interested in the concepts of career, productivity and learning.

Probably if you are reading this post, you are one of us.

  • One of those who understand that we live in a highly competitive world, where it is never enough to be just ‘good’ to stand out
  • One of those for whom 24 hours per day is never enough to accomplish everything that you want
  • One of those who think in a ‘hyperbolic’ way: the more you do (study/travel/read/meet new people), the more you realize how little things you have done until now and how more you still have to do. One of those, for whom  it is just never enough



I am truly excited about mastering my career – productivity – learning-related skills and I created Resultize to:

  • provide a structured, easy-to-access way to keep all the relevant knowledge
  • be open to everybody who might be interested in the same topics or might gain from the content
  • encourage best practice exchange and knowledge sharing


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