#1 MY TOP 5

Lately, I do not post many long-reads on the website. Instead, I use Instagram posts and stories to share my learnings about personal growth, leadership, productivity, business and much more as it is simply faster and more convenient. As 1000+ people still visit the website monthly organically even without any new content, I want to try a new format of posts to bring some traction to the website: TOP 5 learning recommendations with links to the sources and my take-aways on Instagram  – let’s see how it goes 🙂

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1. TED-Talk How to start a movement by Derek Sivers

A short old but still amazing and relevant Ted-talk about leadership being over-glorified and the importance of followers who actually transform “the lone nuts into leaders ” (more take-aways)

2019-11-10 00_29_01-RESULTize - lifelong learning🚀 (@resultize) • Instagram photos and videos

2.RBG” Documentary

If you are looking for a true female role model, “RBG” documentary about Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a must-see.  A real-life fairytale about the persistence and grit that put a tiny girl with big ambitions direct on the top of the US legal system (more take-aways)



3. “Thinking in Bets – Making Smarter Decisions when you don’t have all the facts” by Annie Duke

An interesting book to those who are interested in decision-making: Annie Duke – a former psychology graduate who became the World Poker champion  and currently business consultant – shares tools and their applications in real-life situations that anyone can use to embrace uncertainty and make better decisions (more take-aways)

2019-11-10 00_46_52-poker uncertainty - Google Search.png

4. “Educated” by Tara Westover

Inspiring and easy read recommended personally by Bill Gates in the list of 10 best books of 2018. “Educated” is a memoir about the empowering self-discovery & personal journey of Tara Westover in the extreme circumstances (more take-aways)

2019-11-10 00_28_24-RESULTize - lifelong learning🚀 on Instagram_ “One of the reasons why I love tra


5. Empowerment is not the same as capacity building

This learning is inspired by Armentekort – an innovative not for profit organization based in Antwerp that aims to fight poverty through the concept of empowerment: they organize a buddy program for people in need and those who are eager to empower them by sharing time & attention with them.

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