#3 MY TOP 5

Check out the third weekly edition of my TOP 5 learning recommendations with links to the sources and my take-aways on Instagram. This time let’s talk about “futureproof” books, problem-solving and stress management. Enjoy 🙂

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1. Singularity University “Futureproof” Book List

During the Singularity University Summit Benelux, several books were presented as “futureproof” – the books that will help us – individuals, businesses, government to understand future trends and get ready. I have read 9 out of 30, what is your number?

2019-11-22 15_54_10-Summit _ SingularityU Benelux

2019-11-18 14_43_45-PowerPoint Slide Show - banners.pptx

2. Ultralearning: Accelerate Learning to Boost Your Career by HBR Ideacast

Scott Young, who gained fame for teaching himself the four-year MIT computer science curriculum in just 12 months, says that the type of fast focused learning he employed is possible for all of us — whether we want to master coding, become fluent in a foreign language, or excel at public speaking. After researching best practices and experimenting on his own, he has developed a set of principles to become “ultralearners» (more take-aways)

2019-11-27 11_33_39-fast learning - Google Search

3. How to master the seven-step problem-solving process by The McKinsey Podcast

7 steps of McKinsey bulletproof problem solving – the one skill that changes everything: 1) Problem definition 2) Sensible desegregation 3) Rigorous prioritization 4) Work Plan  5) Tools selection 6) Analysis synthesis 7) Communication  (more take-aways)

2019-11-22 16_02_52-RESULTize - lifelong learning🚀 on Instagram_ “7 steps of McKinsey bulletproof p


4. Stress is natural

Stress is natural and there is no need to fight or deny it. It is just a reaction of your mind to the external or internal stimulus that you need to notice, understand and embrace. If you do so, stress can even lead to positive results: making you more efficient, motivating you or providing with new opportunities. Learn more about stress perception & stress management techniques in this blog post. 

2019-11-22 16_08_57-RESULTize - lifelong learning🚀 on Instagram_ “Stress is natural and there is no

5. Opinion VS Fact

In our society full of information overload and misleading data pieces it is crucial to understand the difference between a fact and an opinion. A fact is something that is verifiably true. An opinion is something you think is or might be true – your hypotheses. Being able to distinguish between facts and opinions is a useful skill for aspiring executives and all interested to improve their decision-making.

2019-11-22 15_47_18-RESULTize - lifelong learning🚀 on Instagram_ “A very important reminder come to


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