#4 MY TOP 5

Check out the 4th weekly edition of my TOP 5 learning recommendations with links to the sources and my take-aways on Instagram. This time let’s talk about becoming  a master in your field and leveraging competition to speed it up,  boosting your negotiation skills, design thinking, language learning, and energy management. Enjoy 🙂

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1. “Mastery” by Robert Greene

Robert Greene – the author of numerous bestsellers “The 48 laws of power”, “The art of seduction”, “The 33 strategies of War” and one of the last books I read “”Mastery”. Mastery debunks the myth of talent and shows you there are proven steps you can take to achieve mastery in a discipline of your own choosing, by analyzing the paths of some history’s most famous masters, such as Einstein, Darwin, Da Vinci, Napoleon and hundreds of others (more take-aways).

Relevant long-reads about learnings from top-performers: Tools of Titans and Ray Dalio: success principles

2019-12-06 16_03_39-RESULTize - lifelong learning🚀 on Instagram_ “During my vacation I started a ne.png

2. “Never split the difference” by Chris Voss

If you want to improve your negotiation tactics, check out the book  “Never Split the difference” by a former international FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss. Negotiation begins with listening, making it about the other people, validating their emotions, and creating enough trust and safety for a real conversation to begin (more take-aways)

2019-12-06 16_26_55-5 Highly Effective Negotiation Tactics Anyone Can Use _ Inc.com.png

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2.  Design thinking guiding principles

Do not think about solutions, think about problems  while getting inspired by challenging assumptions, emerging trends, skills & assets, unmet needs; Validate ideas with real customers, introduce “customer chair” at the meetings, organise regular customer interviews Make it visual by using mindmaps, drawing, building, brain sketching, brainwriting , prototyping.

2019-12-06 16_14_01-RESULTize - lifelong learning🚀 on Instagram_ “Some design thinking guiding prin

3. Language learning techniques

Italki language exchange partners  – if you want to find a partner in the most efficient and productive way, Italki is a great tool; there are millions of people eager to exchange different languages with each other for free – 1 hour skype per day with 30 min practicing the language you are learning with a native speaker every day will definitely make you fluent very fast. Learn more about Quizlet & Reverso Context.

Relevant long-reads about language learning: Language Learning Hacks 

2019-12-06 16_18_41-RESULTize - lifelong learning🚀 on Instagram_ “As my French exam is getting clos.png


4. Rivalry is beneficial

Adam Grant, one of my favorite thought leaders of today, is currently exploring the topic of rivalry. He argues that individuals and companies alike can benefit from having rivals, therefore he suggests we can perform and even feel better by taking the risk of treating our rivals more like competitive friends

2019-12-06 16_09_44-RESULTize - lifelong learning🚀 on Instagram_ “Adam Grant @adamgrant , one of my.png

5. Life is an energy game

Life is a constant energy game: you wake up every morning with 100 energy points and spend it all during the day. It is in your best interest to maximize the things giving you energy during and minimize the ones taking it. Self-reflection is crucial to achieving this ongoing energy optimization, every month take a moment to reflect on your largest energy booster and energy drainer & ways to optimize your energy management.

Relevant long-reads about productivity: Stress Management; Personal productivity; Deep Work

2019-12-06 16_16_52-RESULTize - lifelong learning🚀 on Instagram_ “Life is a constant energy game ☝️.png

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