What do we want to achieve?

First of all, please look at the picture below and think if it looks familiar to you. Be honest!


Do you know that more than 40% of all people make New Year resolutions to become better, but just 8% of them can achieve it?

How can you explain this huge gap?

We almost live  in an age of perfect information and still are not able to succeed in what we plan. What is the reason behind it? Wrong planning, not sufficient focus on implementation, lack of motivation/control or just human laziness?

This problem has existed all the time. Even ancient Greek philosophers tried to understand why people normally don’t follow through on what they set out to do. In their opinion, one simple term – Akrasia – can be a reason. Akrasia is the state of acting against your better judgment, doing one thing even though you know that you should do another. One common explanation for Akrasia is based on one of the most basic economic concepts – time value of money: present cashflows are valued more than cashflows in the future. In our case, time inconsistency principle assumes that the human brain values immediate rewards more highly than rewards in the future.

We do not know  for sure if the concept of Akrasia indeed can explain why most people are unable to follow their New Year resolutions. However, what we certainly know is that we want to be inside that small group of self-determined goal-oriented people, who are able to demonstrate real results and to achieve it we need to start taking real actions.



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