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CV guidance

Your CV is very important to land a dream interview. It should be a professionally produced document outlining your career achievements and showing a future employer why they should interview, and ultimately hire you over other candidates. This is not a document to be written quickly and without great thought. I will help up to ensure that your CV will get you better results by formatting it correctly, highlighting your professional achievements, competencies and transferable skills, using the right keywords and demonstrating measurable outcomes.



Motivation Letter guidance

Statement of purpose. Cover Letter. Motivation letter. It does not matter at all how we call it and what is the main objective. The fact remains the same: motivation can be a key to getting what you want whether we are talking about university admission, scholarship or job application. Cover Letter is your chance to talk directly to the person responsible for your future, create a special connection with him and show yourself from the best side to ensure the desirable outcome. I will help you with writing your motivation letter to ensure that it is well-structured, has an overall idea & storytelling elements, highlights your motivation and proves why you deserve what you want.


Other services like career coaching, personal coaching, productivity coaching are available on request.

If you are interested in one of the service Resultize offers or have any other suggestions for partnerships/collaboration, please, indicate your request using the form below.

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