What is the idea behind Resultize?


I have been truly excited about career – productivity – learning topics  for quite a long time and of course, I took many actions to improve my knowledge of it. Books, articles, internet posts, courses, real-life events, conferences, meet-ups, networking and many other inspiring things.

The more I learnt, the more I realized two things:

There is no general rule for success

It does not really matter whether we are talking about writing a motivation letter, preparing a presentation, optimizing your email or learning a new language. If it existed, someone would definitely do his best to spread it around the world to make good money out of it. Just imagine for a second,  if everybody knew how exactly to maximize their potential without much effort: the world would be full of ideal job candidates speaking 10 languages and perfectly managing their time. It would be just not right.

Fortunately, we still live in the world, where there is just one general rule for success – ongoing constant hard work and self-improvement.


There is no limit

One big disadvantage of living in the age of Internet and Knowledge is that it is so easy to get lost in the current information overload. It is unnecessary, even impossible to keep all interesting tips and ideas in your head.

That is why it is crucial that we all are able to structuralize the knowledge to get the most out of it. Have you ever heard about gatekeeping theory? I think the same should be done on an individual level: filtering everything you learn is extremely important. Every appealing idea or useful tip has to pass ‘fit testing’ first to understand if it works personally for you. If not, you should experiment with it, combine it with others and try to adjust it, so it can solve exactly your problem.


Applying these two findings to my desire to master all career – productivity – learning related skills, I have decided that a good way currently to proceed is to start my own online platform that will:

  • provide a structured, easy-to-access way to keep all the relevant knowledge
  • enable an ongoing update of the portal based on the new information received
  • be open to everybody who might be interested in the same topics or might gain from practicalities and lessons I have learnt based on my personal experience
  • encourage best practice exchange and knowledge sharing

I truly believe that sharing your knowledge and helping others is, first of all, beneficial to yourself. You master your own skill, build a closer relationship that can be leveraged further and achieve personal satisfaction. We should remember that everyone we will ever meet knows something that we don’t and the way to benefit from it is to share our knowledge.



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