Personal Board of Directors

Boost yourself in 2021

What is a Personal Board of directors?

According to HBR, Personal Board of Directors is a group of people you consult regularly to get advice and feedback for your personal & professional development.

Just like any good board, a good Personal Board of Directors will include like-minded individuals with similar values, but at the same time who have different backgrounds to contribute in a different way.

Why do you need it?

  • Objective non-biased view & additional contribution to your goal-setting & problem-solving
  • Motivation & support network
  • Accountability buddies to track progress to your goals
  • Regular commitment to invest time & effort in self-reflection

What’s in it?

  • 4 1-hour online Zoom sessions to boost your goal-setting in group of 4 like-minded individuals
    • Session 1 – Guided self-reflection
    • Session 2 – Guided self-assessment
    • Session 3 – Guided self-assessment
    • Session 4 – Guided action-planning
  • Access to Notion templates & guidance how to use it
  • Access to community (whatsapp group) of like-minded individuals

Practical details

  • Cost of participation – 50 eur
  • Sessions can take place in the evening CET time or on the weekend based on the availability of participants
  • To ensure the optimal fit of board participants, you might need to wait – please, apply first in the form below & the details will follow

Join the program

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